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favoriteversion's Journal

Why can't we be friends?

What's your favorite version?
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Hello there. This is a new community for the Phantom of the Opera. I made this because I'm sick of the division that was formed between the movie phans, and the original show phans. Here, it's all about what you LIKE Here, no one is better then anyone else because of what version they like best. This is meant to be a place to discuss your favorite version or recording with other people. Debates are allowed, but let's keep it respectful. The one thing I must stress is that YOUR WORD IS NOT LAW. I won't repeat myself. Please remember: People have different definitions of good and bad, what sounds horrible to you doesn't sound horrible to everyone. Here, you can discuss why you THINK it's horrible, but please be respectful to people who will dissagree and tell you why they THINK it's good(They should not try to convince you that it's good, if they do, tell me.) and maybe you won't think it's quite as bad, or you'll understand why people think it's good. Here's what I'd like to come with your first post:

Versions heard:
Least Favorite:
Favorite Christine:
Least favorite Christine:
Favorite Phantom:
Least favorite phantom:
Favorite versions of other characters:
Least Favorite versions of other characters:
Other stuff about you:

Sorry if it seems long. Now here are the rules


Keep post related to Phantom
Keep it clean and respectful
Please be open minded
You are aloud to promote other communites(related to Phantom, of course)
Please give good reasons for your favorite and least favorite versions. Don't say you hate something because it sucks.