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Second post, woohoo!

I was just wondering: could the survey thingy be tweaked to include more than the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical? I mean, could we discuss the others movies and books too? Just a thought, because I thought it might open up more conversations. I included my opinions on other movies and stuff too, I hope that's ok. If not, I can go back and just make it all pertain to ALW.

Name: Roxie Hart
Versions heard: I own the OLC, I've seen the movie, and I've heard clips from just about every international cast recording. I've also seen the Lon Chaney film, the Robert Englund film, the Charles Dance miniseries, the Julian Sands film, and the 2004 musical film. I've read the Leroux novel and I'm expecting to get the Susan Kay novel for Christmas.
Favorite: The ALW musical stage show.
Why: The music, the sets, the costumes, I love it all. It's the first version I ever saw and I've now seen it four times.
Least Favorite: The ALW 2004 movie is just a bit above the Julian Sands film. (Meaning I hated the Julian Sands version more.)
Why: I hated Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum in the 2004 movie; neither of them was good enough vocally for me to be able to enjoy them. I have other issues as well, with the costumes and direction, but they're the main reasons. I did like a few things, like the overture sequence, some of the bigger company numbers, and some of the supporting cast. The Julian Sands film is just disgusting/creepy/perverted/wrong in every way possible.
Favorite Christine: Lisa Vroman in the ALW musical stage show. Oh, and Teri Polo gets honorable mention for her performance in the Charles Dance miniseries.
Why: Lisa's beautiful, she can act, but most importantly she has the strongest, clearest voice I've ever heard in the role; I get chills when she sings. And Teri Polo made for a nice, caring Christine. The gal who dubbed her, Michalle LeGrange, has an amazing operatic voice too.
Least favorite Christine: Emmy Rossum in the 2004 musical film.
Why: Her voice was terribly weak, she showed no knowledge of proper breath support or jaw position, and she had very few facial expressions.
Favorite Phantom: Brad Little in the ALW musical stage show, Charles Dance in the miniseries, and the original Leroux Erik.
Why: Brad embodies exactly how I imagine the Phantom should act and move and sing, and I would pay the price of an orchestra seat just to watch his hands! He's also extremely nice, I've met him twice and he gave me a feather from the Red Death hat. ^_^ Charles Dance's speaking voice is to die for, and his tamer portrayal, while not true to the novel at all, is very nice. And of course Leroux Erik is the version which all others should, in theory, be based on and inspired by. (Brad fulfills that expectation in my mind, and I like Charles even though he doesn't.)
Least favorite phantom: Gerard Butler or Julian Sands.
Why: Gerry's voice sucked, in my opinion, but he does get points for ok acting and for respecting the character and story so much. Julian Sands has sex with rats and bites off peoples' tongues. Do I need to explain more than that?
Favorite versions of other characters: I actually really liked Jennifer Ellison as Meg in the 2004 movie, and my other favorites Megs are Kate Wray and Jennifer Gould in the stage show. I've never seen Margaret Preece live in the role, but she sounded great dubbing Minnie Driver in the movie. I used to hate Raoul in the Leroux novel but now I think he's my favorite version of the character. And Madame Giry in the novel is awesome as well. Oh, and I liked Monsieur Reyer in the 2004 movie, shockingly.
Least Favorite versions of other characters: Hmmm. Maybe every other character in the Julian Sands film, haha!
Other stuff about you: I'm a very adament stage phan, in case you couldn't tell. ^_^
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