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Love me, That's all I ask of you

Hello and welcome to favoriteversion! I'll start things off with a little bit about myself.

Name: Chelsea
Versions heard: OLC, Movie, OCC, The traveling cast with Gary Mauer, The second broadway cast
Favorite: A tie between the movie and OCC
Why: Well, the movie is what got me into it and gives a chance to see it whenever I want and I love the performers, and I am huge fan of Colm Wilkinson and Rebecca Caine in the Canadian version.
Least Favorite: The second broadway
Why: The phantom makes me laugh for the wrong reasons a little too, I think raoul needs to go back to Munchkinland, and though the Christine is okay, she's a little dark and she has a lisp that annoys me
Favorite Christine: Rebecca Caine
Why: I thought her voice had a lovely combination of classical training and emotion
Least favorite Christine: Marie Danvers
Why: I thought her voice was a little too nasally and she had some funky vibratto going
Favorite Phantom: Gerard Butler
Why: I loved his voice, flaws and all. He was very expressive and I loved his acting
Least favorite phantom: Ethan Freeman
Why: He was too funny. I thought he over acted too, his voice was great, just not used properly
Favorite versions of other characters: Minnie Driver and Margret Preece as Carlotta were a winning combination I think, Patrick wilson was my favorite Raoul(Has anyone notice a shortage of those?) and Miranda Richardson as madame giry was great. Megan Kelly I thought made a good meg, but so did Jennifer Ellison.
Least Favorite versions of other characters: Lyse guerin as carlotta was too pretty(and not Italian enough >.<), Gregory cross and paul massel kind of bothered me as andre and Firman, I remember Kate wray sounding like she was on acid as Meg during the show I saw. I despise Byron Nease as Raoul, I thought he over acted WAY too much.
Other stuff about you: I'm a proud Band nerd, and movie phan.

Shaina you better Join!
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